Sunday, October 28, 2012

31 or 21: Day 28 Ann Coulter vs. Everyone Sane Person

As there are only a few more days left of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, I came across this and thought it is a great representation of Down Syndrome Awareness.

I will admit that after reading it, I had to actually see what Ann Coulter tweeted. And just like John Franklin Stephens I couldn't believe she would say that.

Since her comment many people in twitter land have spoken their minds about what she has said. And many have referred to what John Franklin Stephens wrote.

Recently she tweeted that she would not apologize for what she said about the President in her tweet. I feel like it is people like her that are so narrow minded and don't care how their words effect others are the ones that we really need to change however I'm not sure how easily it would be.

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