Wednesday, November 7, 2012

31 for 21: Day 29 Riding out the Storm

The following was written and attempted to be posted before we lost power due to hurricane Sandy: -Yes we still have power, for how long I'm not sure. After spending all day inside watching the news and watching Sandy creep closer and closer to us. We started to get cabin fever, well Piper did she was getting quite cranky. We decided to make the trek over to our neighbors who live two houses down.
We drove because there was no way we were going to get piper there in her stroller. While we were pulling out of the drive way we noticed that one of our side tree had snapped in half and was blocking the sidewalk. Needles to say once we got to our neighbors Mark wrangled them up to help move the tree to a safer space.
The first tree that fell victim to Hurricane Sandy, in it's resting spot
Once we got there Piper was no longer cranky, I guess she just wanted to get out and see some other people and play with some other toys.

 At one point there was an impromptu dance party in the kitchen which with the help of Daddy, Piper joined in.

After eating dinner and the gailing winds outside I thought it was time to make our way back home.

While watching tv, Mark and I heard a load boom. Mark grabbed a flashlight to see what caused the boom to find out that out 20+ year old spruce had snapped in half and fell away from the house, luckily.
The Spruce that fell away from out house

As the winds got stronger and stronger the other tree outside our house had two considerable crack on the sides of one of the big branches. We watch safely in the house as the winds blew the branch ever which way, until it fell away from the house. Allowing us to go to be knowing no trees would come crashing into our bedroom. 
The destruction of two trees
The other tree that thankfully fell away from the house aswell

What our house looks like after the storm, a few shutters lost and a tree that needs to be cleared.
The large branches that fell off of trees in the backyard
Of course it took until late the following monday night for us to regain power. And today was the first day I was able to access my wireless hardrive that had all my photos. I hope everyone else survived Sandy.