Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bermuda Cruise

What a wonderful way to celebrate Mark's first Father's Day by setting sail to Bermuda on a seven day cruise. When we initially booked this cruise people thought we were brave by taking Piper on a cruise. At first we thought, why wouldn't we take Piper on vacation with us. People warned us that we wouldn't be able to stay out late, or enjoy our time spent at the multitude of bars. Our response was since we became parents we haven't done any of that.

So after spending a small fortune at buy buy baby and babies rus, we were ready to set sail. Now on everyday trips to stores strangers come up and ask us how old Piper is, and awww she is so cute, but it felt like everyone on the ship was in love with Piper. Within the third day most of the wait staff in the restaurants knew Piper's name and would say "Hi, Piper" every time we would sit down to eat.

Piper had lots of fun on the ship in the Under 2 Zoo, they had fun activities like drawing, painting story time and dance party. Here are a few pics of her time there.


When we docked in Bermuda this was our view from our balcony.

On our first day in Bermuda we decided to explore Hamilton to get to Hamilton we took a ferry these are some shots I took while waiting for the Ferry.

Once we got there Piper decided she needed to nap, and Mark decided it was really important to make a phone call.

On our second day we ventured on the bus, which was a very scary experience, to Horseshoe Bay.

This was Piper's first visit to the beach where she could go into the water, it was a little too cold for her when we did the Polar Bear Plunge in Feb. But our little water baby enjoyed it, playing with the sand splashing in the "waves".     

After all that excitement it Daddy and Piper need a nap, but couldn't wait till we got back to the ship. 

The last day in Bermuda we walked around the dockyard area, before heading back poolside to chill out.

 All in all we had a great time, Piper's first vacation was a success! Now that we have been home for a few weeks, I wish another vacation was coming up.