Friday, September 7, 2012


This summer has been filled with so many milestones, who know our little lady would grow so much over three months. We had been working on sitting for awhile and with most developmental milestones we have decided not to get worried about what she is not doing. She will do stuff on her own time and when she is ready. Saying that while we were on our cruise in June, we sat Piper on the bed fully expecting her to fall as we hadn't seen her sit by herself, and to our surprise this is what she did...
We were so surprised it took as awhile to realize she wasn't going to fall over and we thought we should be taking pictures of this! Now she was sitting she hated being on her belly or back and wanted to be sitting.

That didn't last long because recently she hasn't been happy sitting and now wants to stand. She is holding her weight on her feet so much better and holding hands and standing, however, depending on her level energy she will either stand nice and tall or bend at the hips ( I call that her lazy position).

On the feeding front she is loving eating puffs and rice rusks, however she hasn't quite got the pincer grip, she still rakes the puffs and gets them trapped in her hand. But if I feed them to her she will open up wide and chew chew chew!

She is also able to hold her own bottle, and we are practicing using a sippy cup, she uses it as a teething toy instead.  

As for teething, I really wish it wasn't so a traumatic experience for her the night her first tooth finally broke through she screamed bloody murder, Mark couldn't believe how quickly I shot up and ran to her room. Now she has two and plenty of more on their way.
I swear her tooth is there on the left hand side.

And finally the start of crawling... She has been working on rocking on her hands and knees in PT. She is also starting to creep, even if it is backwards Piper is mobile!!! I guess I should baby proof the house.