Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 for 21: Day 16 Additional Complicataions Associated with Down Syndrome

As many of you know Piper had to have heart surgery last January, to repair three holes in her heart. One of the many common things that happens with children with Down Syndrome is a congenital heart defect. After successfully conquering that challenge, we have come across another bump in the road, and of course I find myself looking to my more experienced peers for answers.
See Piper has yet to pass a hearing test since she was born. They had to retake the newborn hearing screen as she failed the first time. We didn't find out that she failed that initial one until we received a bill informing us that they had preformed the test twice.  At first we were mildly concerned, as she was still making sounds and seem to be able to hear us, (turning her head to loud noises, and sometimes to her name) We initially just thought she was failing the hearing tests because it was partially developmental. Piper had to learn that she was supposed to turn her head towards the scary clapping monkey when it made a noise.
Our initial Audiologist finally decided that Piper she probably have a Baer done, a type of hearing test where they have to sedate her  and put electrodes on her head. So as we trusted CHOP with her heart surgery we decided to get this done at CHOP as well. Of course CHOP wanted us to see their audiologist and their ENT. Finally we have seen both the audiologist and ENT and they have decided that we should put tubes in her ears first to see if that solves the problem. So here we go luckily putting tubes in is a day procedure. However it means Piper can't eat all day.

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  1. Good luck! Tubes are such a common thing in DS kiddos since their little ear canals are so small. Hope this works and she passes her hearing tests with flying colors!