Sunday, October 7, 2012

31 for 21: Day 7 Buddy Walk & Pancakes

So I wanted to start off by wishing my good friends lots of success in their buddy walk today. Raising money for the Trisomy 21 group at CHOP. If anyone is interested in donating click this link:Donate to the eM&Ms team for trisomy 21 program

Secondly today's weather called for a lazy Sunday, and that is exactly what we have had so far. We hung out in bed watching tv and chilling with Piper. Then we finally decided to make our way downstairs where Mark proceeded to make us some pancakes. Now we have had pancake sundays before in the past and our pancakes aren't the everyday plain ones they have either chocolate chips or white chocolate chips in them. Today Mark made those and one very special plain one.

That plain one was enjoyed by the very lovable Piper. Yes, today Piper had her first pancake, and she seemed to like it. Enjoy the photos.


Really concentrating on the chewing!

 Pancake remains in high chair!

Having fun with Daddy afterwards

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