Monday, October 1, 2012

31 for 21: Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Today marks the first day of National Down Syndrome Awareness Month. This time last year I was still in hospital after having my beautiful daughter Piper, Sept 28th, 3 days early. It wasn't until halfway through October did I find out that it was National Down Syndrome Awareness Month. My first post was actually Oct 22nd. So in honor of my first 31 for 21 post, I thought I would post a series of "One" pictures.

One day old

One week old

 One month old

One year old

It has been a great 1st year, I am looking forward to many many more.


  1. Ain't love great? It defines its own perfection. And she already exudes so much of it.

  2. Hi! I have a daughter, Piper. Her 3 yr old brother had Ds :)
    Our blog is
    I know another Piper with Ds too :)
    Great name ;) Happy 31 for 21!

  3. Piper is so gorgeous!!! Looks like she is doing amazing! Looking forward to following you guys! :)