Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 for 21: Day 18 First Day of OT

Today was Piper's first day of OT, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I had assumed OT would work on Piper's fine motor skills as one of the reasons why we requested Piper start OT is because she has a tendency not to use her pincer grip and she likes to sky hook items instead of holding onto them.
When the OT arrived she asked me if I knew what to expect I told her that I assumed she would be working on Piper's fine motor skills. She explained the role of an OT is to go over pretty much everything. So that is what we did.

She watched me play with Piper and made observation on what Piper can do. She asked me to take Piper's clothes off so she could see her muscles working while she was creeping, pulling herself to sit and playing. She explained that Piper's thumbs are hyper extended, which means we really need to work on Piper's weight barring on her hands. Working out on pushing up with her hands will would work out the different muscles on the side of her thumb and the other side of her hand, in turn it would work out her shoulder muscles. She showed me some great ways to help Piper push up with her hands in different positions, she really didn't like the side sitting position. Hopefully all this work will help her have the stamina to crawl further distances instead of face planting when she gets tired.

Apparently later down the road all this work with her pushing on her hands will help her with her handwriting, we will see when that milestone comes along. I'm not expecting her to be doing it anytime soon.

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