Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 for 21: Day 4 A New Daycare

Piper had her first day at a new day care yesterday. I am taking a college course and needed someone to watch Piper while I was in class. Luckily the college has a daycare, with a discount to students! I was a little hesitant at first. It was going to be a new place for Piper, it wasn't her old daycare that we loved so much, but it was my only choice at short notice.
When I went for a visit a few weeks ago everyone seemed nice including the director. The room was clean and organized. While touring the place I shyly brought up that Piper has Down Syndrome. It was awkward for me, and it is somewhat hard to explain. Unlike my husband I have not freely "shouted from the roof tops" that Piper has Down Syndrome. We are both at a stage that we love Piper unconditionally and we are perfectly fine with the fact that she has Down Syndrome, she is our daughter and we would never change anything about her. However when it comes to strangers I am hesitant in telling them that she has Down Syndrome, why this is I'm not truly sure.
After telling the director she informed me that she could tell and that she had a Masters in Special Education. This made me feel a lot more comfortable leaving Piper at this new daycare. Just knowing that there was someone who knew more about it. I picked Piper up yesterday and Ms Edy said Piper had a great day, she was really impressed that Piper was such a good napper. Apparently they struggle to get the other babies to nap and when they finally go down it is for a max of 30min. I told her that Piper has always been a great sleeper.
I dropped Piper off for her second day, fingers crossed she has another great day!

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