Sunday, October 21, 2012

31 for 21: Day 21 Trying New Foods

One of the many complications that parents face with children with Down Syndrome is feeding issues and this is a broad spectrum. Feeding issues could be due to low muscle tone and their inability to keep food in their mouths, some suffer from gastro-oesophageal reflux, others may just not like the texture of certain foods. 

Now at the beginning (starting solids) Piper did have difficulties keeping the pureed foods in her mouth, she would always push out what I put in with her tongue. I would spend most of the feeding time shaving the food off her her face and putting it back in. Our DI/ Speech therapist showed me some pointers to help Piper keep her mouth shut. After a while she got better and so did I. Recently we have been trying more and more actual solid foods and I have noticed that she does a better job of keeping the foods in her mouth and actually chewing, even though she only has two teeth. 

This past weekend we have been trying more and more new foods, playing with textures and food that Mark and I would actually eat. Friday for lunch she had spegetti o like things, to much surprise of my mother the food wasn't all over her face and in her hair. I guess I was a really messy eater as a baby. Friday night we went to our friends house and had homemade pizza which Piper got to enjoy a little cheese pizza just for herself. After the fly show last night we went to the Ship Inn in Milford (an English style Pub) and I ordered Fish and Chips and shared my fish and Mushy Peas with Piper. I was quite impressed by how much she actually ate (pic of the remains below). This morning (sorry no pic :( ) Piper had eggs, bacon and baked beans for breakfast. And finally for dinner Piper shared my ravioli with me. 

I'm so happy that Piper its willing to try these new foods. I hope we continue with this success and don't hit a bump in the road I feel really blessed that Piper doesn't seem to be struggling with eating as I know it can be a very stressful thing for a parent to have to go through.

Yummy Fish
Can't wait to eat the mushy peas
The remains of the fish and peas, She did a great job.
Moments before the ravioli ended up on her tray, but it all ended up in her belly!

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