Sunday, October 21, 2012

31 for 21: Day 20 Trapezee Fun!

Sorry I didn't get to post this yesterday, we got in late after a fun filled day at the trapeze. Yesterday was Fly School Circus Arts Student and Staff fly show. The weather was perfect and there was a nice crowd. The students started the show off to a great start. To start the staff show Mark flew a perfect layout to the net out of lines, (see pics below). Mary Kelly (the owner of Fly School Circus Arts) flew her Uprise Shoot to Mark. Followed by Liz who flew her shooting star. Mary Kelly then threw her splits and finally Liz threw her layout. Piper and I were so excited and proud of Mark and everyone who flew in the show.

Piper and me cheering on Mark
Mark in his show outfit

Mark getting ready for take off
Mark holding for his layout
Mark throwing his layout to the net!

Mark catching Liz' Shooting Star

Mark catching Mary Kelly's Uprise Shoot
Mark catching Liz's Layout
Staff and Student flyers

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