Monday, January 23, 2012

A Whole New World

With Piper's surgery looming over us I have been doing a lot of reflecting. I have moments where I picture what Piper will do with her life. I picture her being a big sister, going to school, being a girl scout, participating in the Special Olympics, dancing on a stage, painting beautiful pieces of art, traveling the world and more importantly loving life.

I remember when she was born and I found out that she had Down Syndrome, I instantly thought of all the things she wouldn't be able to do because she has Down Syndrome. But I feel like that is a huge misconception that most people have about Down Syndrome. I remember shortly afterwards thinking that even if Piper didn't have Down Syndrome who says she would have done all the things I thought she would do.

Since we were blessed with Piper she has been responsible for introducing both Mark and I and our respective families to a whole new wonderful and supportive world. My mother-in-law sends us newspaper clippings of a column in a UK newspaper that is written by a father of a boy who has Down Syndrome. My father trolls the internet for any articles relating to Down Syndrome. All this while I  mysef read blogs written by strangers and by new friends. Our misconceptions have been corrected and we look forward to what this journey has in store for us.

If Piper didn't have Down Syndrome I wouldn't have been introduced to the many wonderful parents of other children with Down Syndrome. I wouldn't have been introduced to their lovely children who have hearts of gold and who make me know that everything will be OK and that Piper will have a wonderful life. I feel extremely lucky to have Piper, and my loving supportive family.


  1. It's a very exclusive club - yes, we *are* extremely lucky!! :-)

  2. Btw, Dr. Spray is doing Piper's surgery, right? Loved him. I'm eternally grateful for him and everyone at CHOP. :-)

  3. Kelli and Colin sent us over. We are praying her surgery and recovery are a huge success and that she is home in no time.

    We have 2 girls with ds (one bio and one adopted from Ukraine this last summer) my hubby is also from England. =)

  4. Praying she has a quick recovery and surgery goes well. Prayers!

  5. I have come across your blog from Love for Colin and wanted you and your whole family are in my prayers that Piper's surgery goes well and she has a speedy recovery.

  6. I have a son with ds and he had heart surgery almost two years ago. He is healthy happy and strong now! Keeping Piper and your family in thought and prayer!