Saturday, January 28, 2012

Road to Recovery Pre-Op day

On Wednesday we drove down to Philadelphia to have Piper's Pre-op testing done. We arrived at 10:45 for our 11:00 apt, and I think it wasn't until then that it really set in that she was actually going to have the surgery. Piper was a trooper during all of her Pre-op testing though understandably She wasn't a big fan of getting her blood taken. Funny though, as soon as I left the room with her where they took her blood, she stopped crying. All of the staff we have met have been wonderful and so caring. They really seem to love what they do. We knew we had made the right choice of hospital.

Later the same day we met with Dr. Gil, who is going to be Piper's cardiologist while we are in hospital. Mark and he got along very well. Their back and forth banter was quite funny to watch. At the end of our visit Dr Gil asked me if I ever get a word in. I' m not sure if I was even able to answer him before Mark said something again. As many of you know Mark, that's just who he is.

As we knew we were going to have an early morning we booked ourselves a hotel. So after our meeting with Dr. Gill we drove over to the hotel, to just chill, eat an early dinner and go to bed.

We ended up having frozen yogurt, then dinner (a strange order I know) while watching a movie on pay per view (wow those are expensive).  Piper and I had fun trying to take a bath in the hotel sink, I really needed more hands and it made me appreciate her bath tub at home so much more.

When it came time to actually go to sleep. I couldn't at first as I realized that if I went to sleep the next time I woke up we would be taking piper to surgery. Needless to say we did get to sleep.

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