Thursday, January 12, 2012

Piper Impresses PT at 3 Months

This week Piper had PT and DI, and has impressed both of her therapists. In PT, Piper first sat on my lap while holding her head and making eye contact with her therapist. She then even tried to help turn the pages of her electronic book. A few minutes later she started to squirm and straighten her legs so I held her up while she tried to stand, it didn't last long but still felt really good to see her wanted to stand.

We moved on to some tummy time where Piper showed how well she can hold her head up as she looked at ball as the therapist moved it from one side to the other. We worked on rolling which she is starting to get the hang of, especially when she is in her cot. She likes to turn herself, and really enjoys lying on her side.

To check her ability to hold her new favorite toy we had her lie on her side, as you can see she grabbed onto the ball and even tried to stick it in her mouth to explore it more.

Talking about putting things in her mouth, she has found her thumb and enjoys sucking on it and sometimes she tries to fit her whole hand in her mouth.

At the end of every PT session Piper, works out on a ball it took her awhile to enjoy it but now she does. Her therapist has learned that Piper likes being sung to, so if Piper starts to get upset. She starts singing "The Wheels on the Bus" or "Old MacDonald".

In DI, we worked on making sounds with Piper. She is a real chatter box now. She most get that from her Daddy. She's making lots of ooohhhs and ahhs followed by hhhhuhhhs, I even heard a g sound. can't wait till she starts mmm, so she can say mommy. :)

After repeating her noises we worked on "reading" her book. She loved it, here is a pic of her enjoying the nursery rhymes and flashing lights of her book.
I love seeing Piper develop,  and look forward to seeing her continue. I will have to soak up these next three months before I go back to work.

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