Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Day

Piper's first Chrsitmas has come and gone. Even though for her it was just another day, I really enjoyed it. We started the day being lazy staying in our pajamas while we opened our stockings. With Marks help Piper opened some of her stocking presents.

 When my parents arrived we all opened our presents. Piper had the most presents by far. A lot of them were developmental gifts which I love and can't wait to use. I will post photos of Piper using them later. She also got her first Giants football jersey from her Daddy, however she will have to wait until next season to wear it as he got size 12 months.

Mark cooked the whole turkey dinner with the traditonal British trimmings (chestnut and sausage stuffing, roasted potatoes and parsnips, brussel sprouts - yummy!) and I helped with the mini sausages wrapped in bacon.

After dinner we sat on the sofa and chilled while digesting the feast we had just completed. We opened the stocking that my parents brought over then had our official photos taken in front of our tree.

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