Thursday, November 10, 2011

La Leche

Before Piper's birth I had decided that I was going to breast feed. I knew that breast milk was best for babies, it was just the natural choice. I'm certinly not against formula and from time to time have supplimented however I have no hang-ups about breast feeding so wanted to give it my best shot. When Piper was born, she had the natural instinct to suck like any baby, however she would suck in such a strange way that she struggled to latch on properly. While in the hospital I was visited by the lactation specialist who showed me some techniques that would help Piper latch on properly. Of course when the consultant was present Piper did great but sods law dictated that as soon as she left Piper continued to struggle.

Once we left the hospital I found pumping and bottle feeding the breast milk the easiest as Piper continued to struggle to latch on. Soon my days became consumed with pumping then feeding then writing down how much and when she fed and then changing diapers. It started to feel redundant to pump then feed. I felt like I a doing twice the work.

So today I went to my first La Leche League meeting, I really wished I had gone before Piper was born. It was helpful to hear from other mothers what their experiences have been like so far. It was also a chance for me to ask questions. I left feeling a new sense of "I can do this" and I wished I could go back in time and start from the beginning with Piper and try the new techniques I learned from other mothers. Needless to say I went home and decided enough with the pump (well almost......I still pump at night). Piper and I would do what is natural. I was going to bond with my daughter through breast feeding. Both of us will learn how to do this together.

Even though this posting is all about breast feeding, I took this picture and video of Piper just before we left. I was so proud that she was able to hold the bottle all by herself (well...kind of...she's propping up the bottle in the video...a little to early for grasping it).


  1. I'm Piper's nana! No really, I am!

    I have the most precious little granddaughter named Piper. She is the joy of my life as well as everyone she touches! Piper is a (very) lively 2.5 year old and is one of the cleverest and sweetest children that I have ever known.

    I didn't mention before, but Piper has Ds, too. It doesn't seem to matter much, grin.

    Piper's first 18 months were pretty consumed with medical issues, being born 8 weeks early was the source of a couple. After that, it's been smooth sailing.

    In May Piper became a big sister and cousin. It seems a little unfair to the new babies; Piper is so cute and gets so much attention everywhere she goes, that the other babies have to work extra hard to claim their share!

    You likely have heard from my daughter, here is her blog in case you haven't:

    Piper's nana, Robbie

  2. Piper is beautiful! Congratulations (Kelly & Colin) sent us over. We were blessed with our Alayna who also has ds 3 years ago and just this summer adopted another 3 year old little girl with ds from Ukraine. It is an amazing journey. YAY for breastfeeding! Keep it up!
    Look forward to watching Piper grow.

  3. Happy that Colin and his crew sent us over! Piper is a sweet, sweet little bit and you've made me nostalgic for those teensy 2 ounce bottles! :0)