Monday, November 28, 2011

If you just smile…

Every parent gets excited when their child reaches certain firsts. The first time they hold their head up, crawl, walk, smile etc. I feel as a parent of a child with DS those first milestones mean so much more. Our developmental interventionist asked us if Piper was smiling yet. At first it was hard to differentiate between a gas smile and a genuine smile. I am so pleased to say that I now know the difference and Piper is smiling. I don’t know exactly when her first smile was but I have been able to see many more since. Every time she gives us a cheeky little smile it warms us up inside, knowing that right now she is a very happy baby.


  1. Such a cute little bit of a girl! I bet you can't take your eyes off of her!

    Another Piper's nana

  2. What a beautiful smile! That's definitely not a gas smile! :) And thanks for sharing this blog by the way - I'll be following!

  3. Those are *definitely* some seriously genuine smiles! That little girl is a real charmer!

  4. Aw, she has such a sweet smile :)