Monday, November 7, 2011

Early Intervention

By now we have had our Early Intervention assessment, the umbrella term that promises regular interventions from occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, therapy therapy....well you get the idea.  Both Mark and I had no expectations about what the assessment would entail but had the general understanding that it's never too early too start with....well....therapy. When I received the call to set up the appointment I was surprised and impressed how quickly this was all happening but when I learned that a physical therapist and a speech therapist would be coming I couldn't help but wonder what on earth is the speech therapist going to do with a 3 week old. The only noises she makes are grunting noises, birds noises and cries and it's not like she'll be talking or struggling to say yellow or something similar so  what could a speech therapist possibly asses piper on.......

Well the day came and the two very nice therapists came to our house. The physical therapist asked us to get a blanket and her rattles. I was so glad we had rattles, I had no idea we should have been stimulating Piper with rattles since so far she spends most of her time eating, pooping and sleeping (not necessarily in that order). I was so proud of Piper as she was showing the therapist how well she can lift her head and how strong her arms are. So long story short, now Piper and I have set tummy time on a daily basis where we work on turning and lifting her head (with the correct posture of course).

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