Thursday, December 8, 2011

Piper's First Visit With Santa

One of the many traditions of the holiday season is a child's first visit to see Santa Claus. It is a time that is cherished by all whether you are taking your child to see santa at the mall, at a brunch held at your local fire station or at the circus that is Macy's in NYC.
So yesterday I braved the mall and took Piper to have her first photo with Santa Claus. While waiting in the very small line(thankfully there were only three families in front of me!), I began to wonder "when do children start to believe in Santa Claus?". I know that taking Piper to Santa was more for my pleasure then hers as she slept the whole time, but I must say I would rather a sleeping Piper then a "crying my head off" Piper; I've seen many photos of older children crying as they have been placed on a strangers lap to have a photo taken.
I look forward to the many future visits to see Santa; visits where Piper smiles and visits where she cries, and visits where she whispers what she wants for christmas and tells Santa that she has been a good girl. As for now enjoy Piper's First Santa's Visit.

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  1. That is a very sweet picture of her first meeting with Santa!