Friday, December 16, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

I apologize for not writing as often as I've wanted to. December has been a very busy month. From Dr. appointments, photo shoots, holiday celebrations and the usual weekly events. Piper had her eyes tested and after dilating drops, that Piper hated, we found out that she has astigmatism and will most likely need glasses.   For now we are just enjoying looking at her beautiful blue eyes.

Since finding out that Piper will most likely need heart surgery in January we have been doing research into our options. After speaking to mothers whose babies have had heart surgeries at both hospitals (Columbia NY Presbyterian and CHOP). Mark and I have decided to visit both hospitals and meet both surgeons to make our decision. We have those appointments coming up this month.

Because of her upcoming surgery we have been advised to limit Piper's interactions with groups of people, so our plans for the holidays have been limited. I was looking forward to bringing Piper to my school - I love the traditions, especially during the holidays. First there is the holiday concert for the parents. Then the Pre-K class has a pajama party, with gingerbread decoration and a sing-along with the rest of the Lower School and Middle School. I wished I could have been there. On Saturday we have a holiday party at our neighbors house which we will be going minus Piper. However, my parents are looking forward to babysitting.

Not only did we go see Santa, we also had a photo shoot, to show off all of Piper's Christmas outfits. Here are just a few of the photographs that were taken.

Piper had her monthly developmental intervention session, where she was assessed on her skills so far. Her therapist gave Piper an A. She is on track developmentally and in some areas ahead of where she should be. I'm so proud of the progress she is making. One of the question the therapist ask was "Is Piper tracking moving objects?" I was very pleased to tell her that she does. Here is a clip of Piper following her fish mobile while swinging in her swing. Enjoy!!

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