Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Count Down to Day Care

The count down has begun, well actually the count down began a long time ago but now it has really hit home. Today we officially enrolled Piper into day care. I have had the papers filled out for sometime but have been pushing back the actually handing them in part. I knew it needed to be done, but felt like if I procrastinated long enough it wouldn't come time to actually drop her off. It will be a big change in our lives.

It has made me wonder how mothers, can go back to work after only 6 weeks. You have barely gotten yourself back together after having the baby. Forgetting the sleepless nights and all the hormonal changes, but you have just gotten to know your baby and now you have to leave them in day care and go back to work. I have been very lucky that my 6 weeks has actually been 6 months. I am very grateful that I got the 6 months. Mind you if I hadn't taken the 6 months it would have been really hard during Piper's surgery and recovery.

In this time, I have been able to see her grow as far as she has. I see her learning and exploring new things everyday. That is one thing I will really miss when she goes off to day care. I'm not worried about dropping her off, as I feel comfortable and confident in the staffs ability to take care of Piper. I'm worried that I will miss out on some huge milestone break throughs.

She is currently trying to crawl, she really wants to move however doesn't quite have the coordination down yet. She will lift up with her arms, push off with her arms moved her legs forward then... her arms get stuck by her side and she starts to life her body making her look like a hood ornament or one of those figureheads on the bow of a ship. It's awfully cute when she does it. We are currently working on getting those arms to do their job during PT. I am worried that she will learn how to crawl in day care and I will miss it. So when she does learn how to crawl, and I see her do it, I will just have to pretend that she is doing it for the first time.

The positive side of her going to day care is she will be learning how to be around other people. Which means hopefully she won't get too upset in the future when we leave her with a baby sitter (other than my parents). She will also learn to play with other babies. And I am most looking forward to her learning sign language, and of course I will be learning as well.

So after we dropped off the papers, I requested we visit the classroom one more time. When we did, I got to meet her teachers again, as well as her new classmates. They had already given her a cubby, and a crib and had labelled them. They were all ready for her arrival. I just need to get myself ready for the big day.

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