Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Road to Recovery Discharge Day

Tuesday January 31st: Discharge day!!!! What a great day, finally leaving the hospital. A bit nervous but looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. Piper has come along way from the day of her surgery. She is acting like nothing has happened, which makes me happy. She has made an impression on everyone in the hospital. Her cardiologist Dr. Gill, loves the fact that she was giving him smiles two days after her surgery.

In honor of her discharge day we decided to buy her a CHOP onesie for her to go home in.

After getting the final discharge papers from Piper's nurse and getting the thumbs up from the Attending Cardiologist. We had a few more visitors Liz, who helped arrange everything, dropped by to see how we were and was surprised that Piper was going home already. We also met with Jean, who works with Dr. Gill in the Neuro Cardiac Program they run at CHOP. She gave us information about the program and told us that it is a benefit for both us and the program. Finally we met with a Physical Therapist who reminded me that Piper shouldn't do any tummy time for two weeks, and can not be picked up from under her arms. She told us about scar massage, and told us that Piper will let us know if she is in pain.

All the waiting and the visitors Piper decided it was the perfect time to take a nap with her teddy bear. Mark decided it was a good time to bring everything to the car and get it ready for us.

Upon Mark's return Piper was awake and ready to go. She was just enjoying some hugs from her bear :)

When we got home it was time for her first bath, she was happier to be out of the bath then inside. I think she has just been through a lot and will go back to enjoying her baths in no time.

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  1. I'm glad all of that hospital scariness is behind you and Piper now! I'm sure that Piper is a bit stronger every day.

    Piper is such a little doll; I've had fun watching her grow,

    (another) Piper's nana