Sunday, February 5, 2012

Road to Recovery CCU Day 3

Sunday January 29th: Yay! Piper was weened completely off the NO during the night and was doing great. They kept the tube in as it was still supplying oxygen and if they need to put her back on the NO the could. She seemed to be tolerating her pain, feeding and everything else that was going on, until...

She had an inconsolable episode, we changed her diaper, tried to feed her, checked to see if any wires or anything were pinching her. We gave her Tylenol, a suppository and cuddles nothing seemed to work. She was crying her little eyes and proving to everyone in the POD that she had a set of lungs, for almost an hour. Then the nurse Stephanie called for the nurse practitioner, who tried to soothe Piper, bounced her for a bit until, she pooed. We thought that was the answer. It calmed her down for a little bit, the Phenobarbital also helped. They gave that to her to calm her down as they didn't want her putting too much stress on her heart too soon after surgery. We laid her down swaddled her and put a blanket over her face, within a few minutes she had fallen asleep.

I then tried to feed her again and while feeding she pooed yet again. I just realized that when Piper is older and reads these blog postings she will be very unhappy that I openly talked about how many times she pooed. We changed her yet again, then waited for another Echo to check the PA pressure to her lungs.

She passed the Echo and we just waited to be signed off so we could went to the CCU, which happened to be four doors down.

In the CCU Piper got her own room which I had a place for me to sleep. On her bed was a beautiful quilt that was made and donated to the patients of the Cardiac wing. Piper also enjoyed being able to wear clothes again and play with her new bear. 

Moving to the CCU was so tiring Piper took a nap, we decided it would be a good time to go get something to eat, when we return Piper had decided she was more comfortable like this.

As a precaution I decided to swaddle her before going to bed.

Mark went home to get some things ready for our upcoming return. I stayed in Piper's room and slept on what was a somewhat comfortable sofa bed like thing.

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